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Official Event Photographer

  • Friday & Saturday night photo walls
  • Friday & Saturday tea parties

Carl Robinson

CGR Photography

Hi everyone, I'm Carl from CGR Photography NZ.
Many of you will have seen me around at cosplay events across the country, but for those who don't know me, I'm a photographer based in Palmerston North and have been shooting cosplays for about 4 years.

Whether it is something you bought off AliExpress or something you painstakingly hand stitched, the enthusiasm you have for the character shows through. I love seeing the care and effort you all put into your costumes.


My goal is to give you photos that remind you of the fantastic night you've had and make you say “Wow, I look amazing!”


Official Event Photographer

  • Friday & Saturday selfie photo booth

Selfie Photobooth

Groove DJ's

This photo booth is truly remarkable. It's ultra modern and has all the features you'd expect and more..

Themed photobooths on each night provide you the opportunity to create your own magic and memories with other guests and friends.

Photostrip bookmark available on the night with images captured also shared to our website and social media following the event


Official Event Photographer

  • Friday & Saturday night floor photographry
  • Saturday Craft Market & Costume Exhibit

Peter (Cyren)

Kohika Creative
Kohika Creative - FB.png

Kohika Creative is a highly sought-after cosplay photographer. Active around New Zealand scene for nearly a decade, he is well known for creating amazing images for his clients, from careful posing and composition, through to dazzling editing and special effects.


A recent achievement is establishing the Cosplay Photo Zone at Armageddon events around the country, which consistently receives great feedback. Cyren specialises in cosplay photography, but also shoots events and weddings.


Media Passes | Photographers

If you are a photographer and/or media who would like to cover this event, please contact us
Complimentary Media Passes may be available to interested parties , subject to conditions:
Media Pass 

Professional & hobbyist photographers who wish to attend one or all of our events for the primary purpose of using their photography equipment to record the event and/or photograph guests and activities may/must apply for a media pass.

  • CNZ Wild Adventures will provide a complimentary Media Pass

  • Event Photographers presenting with a Media Pass will be given access to the following events and areas.

    • Creatures of Atlantis - Friday evening 8pm – 11.30pm

    • Costumiers’ Fantasy Masquerade Ball - Saturday evening 6.30pm – 12.30pm

    • Costume Exhibit & Craft Market - Saturday 10am - 3pm

  • And by invite / prior arrangement only; 

    • Big Wigs & High Hats - Friday & Saturday 11.30am, strictly by invitation due to limited space.

  • Event Photographers are welcome to arrive up to 30 minutes prior to event start to test camera set ups and lighting etc. if they wish.

  • We request Event Photographers please wear tidy black shirt, pants and shoes.

  • There will be a maximum of four (4) Event Photographers accepted per night / event.

  • Event Photographers on Media Passes will not receive payment for services or other reimbursements from CNZ Wild Adventures, unless otherwise agreed.

  • CNZ Wild Adventures will profile all our Event Photographers on our website and/or social media before the event, and so our guests are able to
    locate our event photographers after the event to find their photos.

  • We ask that you seek permission from guests to take their photograph and ensure no compromising photographs are taken which may upset the event guests, i.e. photos of guests placing food into mouths, straightening costumes etc – unless these have been specifically requested and/or approved.

  • Event Photographers on Media Passes are expected to supply CNZ Wild Adventures with no less than 30 quality photos per event attended - unwatermarked, high resolution clean ready-to-use images - which may be used freely by CNZ Wild Adventures for marketing / social media / future promotions etc.

  • By accepting a media pass, and by attending any of our events, Event Photographers understand and accept they are under contract to provide CNZ Wild Adventures with the rights to freely use any images supplied.

  • Event Photographers on media passes shall supply us with a link to a web album where guests can find their photos from the evening. These images can be watermarked

  • Event Photographers on media passes shall share to us / the event social media page within 7-10 days, at the very least a taster of images taken by them at the event, with the remainder of the images to be available for guests to view within 3-5 weeks.

  • Failure to provide all images within 8 weeks of the event, without good cause, may lead to being refused entry to future events.

Event Photographers are free to post their images of the event to their own websites and social media pages - however CNZ Wild Adventures request you supply us with links to any  and all web albums where guests can find their photos from the weekend. You are free to watermark these images.
If you wish to sell high-resolution unwatermarked images to guests from your website after the event – this would be at your own prerogative.
However you may not sell any event images to any party other than the model (guest/s) who is in the image, without first seeking a signed model release from those individuals, and without the express permission of CNZ Wild Adventures as well.


Media Passes are non-transferable. If you have been issued or offered a media pass but are unable to attend the event/s you have committed to, please advise CNZ Wild Adventures as soon as possible.

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