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Friday 15th July 2022
Creatures of Atlantis

Cocktail Party around the Pool

Saturday 16th July 2022
Fantasy Masquerade Ball

featuring "Labyrinth Ballroom" & "Time Travellers' Ballroom"

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Video from Costumiers' Fantasy Masquerade Ball weekend 2021
Videography by Dale Hobson
Inspired by fantasy masquerades and hotel-based conventions abroad, CNZ Wild Adventures presents the "Costumiers' Fantasy Masquerade Ball" weekend.

Immerse yourself in a weekend full of glorious, weird & wonderful costumes, music, socialising, food and drinks, all held within the warmth of a hotel.

What an absolutely amazing weekend! It was the most magical thing I've ever witnessed. The costumes were out of this world.
- E Clarke


"Creatures of Atlantis"

Cocktail Party & Neptune's Deep Sea Dance

Friday 15 July 2022

Descend into Neptune's underwater world with a cocktail party around the enclosed heated thermal pool.

Mermaids, mermen & sea creatures, swimwear cosplay, Atlantis gods, pirates, sirens and more...

Theming inspired by the sunken world of Atlantis

● 8.00pm - 11.30pm
● Complimentary drink
● Live music
● Cash bar
● Light supper provided

Themed photowall - with official Friday photographer
    Carl Robinson of CGR Photography
PureShots Photo booth with photo-strip print outs
    by Groove DJ's
Costume competition
Live band - PowWow

"Costumiers' Fantasy Masquerade Ball"

With two themed ballrooms;
"The Labyrinth Ballroom" & "Time Travellers' Ballroom"

Saturday 16 July 2022
Enter the fantasy world where goblin meets girl, Princess meets beast, creature meets couture, and dance into the night with creatures, royalty, faire folk, otherworld and more.

Theming inspired by Labyrinth movie scenes & Victorian period / Jules Verne / Dr Who / Mad Hatter / West World 
Pre-function Promenade
● 6.30pm - 8pm
● Complimentary drink
● Light nibbles

Themed photowall - with official Saturday photographer
    Peter James of Kohika Creative
PureShots Photo booth with photo-strip print outs
    by Groove DJ's
Costume competition
Entertainers - from Flames of Plenty

Fantasy Masquerade & Time Travellers' Ballrooms
● 8pm - 12.30am
● Light supper

Labyrinth Ball


Theming inspired by movie scenes from the 1986 cult classic 'Labyrinth'

Groove DJ's brings you the best dance tunes from the 1950's all the way through to the now, with special emphasis on cult movie tracks from the Labyrinth movie and other popular movie tunes. 

"As the World Falls Down" plays at 10pm and 12am

Labyrinth Ballroom
8 pm - 12.30 am
Music provided by Bay of Plenty's best - Groove DJ

Time Travellers' Ball

Theming inspired by H.G. Wells, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes, West World, Wild West, Alice in Wonderland, The Nevers and many more...

Traditional and historical dancing led by Fiona Murdoch by DanceFolkUs, accompanied with a six piece band

Quadrille, Waltz, Two Step, Galop, Tango Victoria, Barn Dance, Mazurka, Veleta, Polka, Novelty Dance, Charleston, Schottische and more...

Time Travellers' Ballroom
8 pm - 11.30 pm
Dancing lead by DanceFolkUs
Live band - Bourach Mor

Held at Millennium Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand

Costume is mandatory for admittance to all events.
No costume, no admittance, no exceptions. R18

This event is a not-for-profit initiative produced with the creative communities of New Zealand in mind (cosplay, steampunk, larp, medieval, costumiers, queens & royals, designers, etc.), however anyone is welcome to attend so long as they are suitably attired in costume.

“Absolutely awesome, loved every minute of it. I just keep smiling all the way through the entire night and I'm still smiling now. Thank you team.”
- D Fleming

Evening Events
Ticket prices



Creatures of Atlantis AND Fantasy Masquerade

GENERAL  $139.50



Creatures of Atlantis Cocktail party




@ LEVEL 13

10am  or  2pm 



Fantasy Masquerade Ball

GENERAL   $99.50

“Bravo. An absolutely top class event, I'm still buzzing.”
- A Hamlim

Savings / payment plans - for NZ residents

CNZ Wild Adventures offer weekly payment plans for the Costumiers' Fantasy Masquerade Ball weekend.
Packages include tickets and accommodation, and are available for a limited time only. 
Not available less than 6 months prior to the event. If interested, email us here

Thanks for submitting!

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