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What are the 2022 dates?

Friday 15 July 2022

Saturday 16 July 2022
10 am   AND   2 pm

Saturday 16 July 2022

Saturday 16 July 2022

What are the ticket prices?


Creatures of Atlantis  AND  Fantasy Masquerade  

GENERAL     $139.50

Fantasy Masquerade
(Saturday only)

GENERAL     $99.50

Creatures of Atlantis
(Friday only)

GENERAL    $59.50


The Tea Party
10am      $29.95
2pm      $29.95


Tickets are only available via our website and our agent Trybooking.  Links to these are available via our Facebook page & Eventfinda. Do not buy or sell tickets via any other external means or you risk the tickets being invalid, fake or not honoured.

Tickets are refundable until 31 May 2022. Thereafter ALL tickets are considered non-refundable.


What are the themes for each night?

Creatures of Atlantis - Friday

This evening's theming is inspired by the sunken world of Atlantis

Descend into Neptune's underwater world with a cocktail party around the enclosed heated thermal pool. Mermaids, mermen & mythical sea creatures, Atlantis gods & goddesses, pirates, sirens, sea-witches or whatever your imagination may bring...

Fantasy Masquerade - Saturday

Enter the fantasy world where goblin meets girl, Princess meets beast, creature meets couture, and dance into the night with creatures, royalty, faire folk, otherworld and more.

​Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
Inspired by the 1986 cult classic 'Labyrinth'

​Time Travellers' Ball
Inspired by H.G. Wells, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes, West World, Wild West, Alice in Wonderland, The Nevers and many more...

What is Registration?

As this event takes place in a hotel with multiple people coming and going it is necessary for us to be able to identify our paid guests for each event over the weekend.

Registration is from
2pm - 8pm on Friday and
2pm - 8pm on Saturday

Please present your ticket with ID
We will be checking to ensure your name matches the ticket and that you are over 18 years of age.

At registration, guests will be issued with WRIST BANDS which identify the events they have paid to attend.

This will allow our greeters / security to identify guests to admit to the event areas.

You must wear your wristband for the remainder of the event weekend.

Do not take it off, or you will not be able to gain access to the events.

If your wrist band breaks, please bring it to one of our event security team to assist you with a replacement.


Your complimentary drink voucher/s (per night) are in your event registration pack



If you booked for the Tea Party, your Tea Party entry ticket will also be in your event registration pack.

Where is the "Fantasy Ball" being held?

Millennium Hotel, Rotorua
1270 Hinemaru St,
Rotorua 3040, 
New Zealand

+64 7 347 1234


Do I have to stay at the Millennium Hotel?

It is not compulsory to stay at the Millennium Hotel and you are welcome to arrange your own off-site accommodation for the weekend.

However, based on our own experiences of similar international events, and guest feedback from 2021 we do highly recommend it, to ensure you can make the most of the weekend and allow yourself fully immerse in the event experience.It is not compulsory to stay at the Millennium Hotel and you are welcome to arrange your own off-site accommodation for the weekend.

However, based on our own experiences of similar international events, and guest feedback from 2021 we do highly recommend it, to ensure you can make the most of the weekend and allow yourself fully immerse in the event experience.

Do I have to wear a costume?

Costumes befitting of the themes are mandatory for this event.

No costume - No admittance - No exceptions!
No costume = No costume

Imaginative costumes are

Masquerade masks are NOT mandatory

Is catering included?
I have a specific dietary requirement

Both evenings include a complimentary beverage per person and light supper.

We will aim to cater to the following dietary requirements: gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan within the evening catering.
However, aside from the above, specific dietary requests by individuals cannot be catered.

The Tea Party - we will aim to cater to specific dietary requirements where possible

Photography / Videography Disclaimer

Please be advised that photographs and videography will be taken at all the events over this weekend for use by and for the CNZ Wild Adventures website, and in promotional and marketing materials.

By attending our events, craft market or exhibit you consent to CNZ Wild Adventures photographing and potentially using your image and likeness for promotional and marketing purposes.

Where is the Craft Market being held?

Sudima Hotel - Lake Rotorua
1000 Hinemaru St,
Rotorua 3040, 
New Zealand


Can I swim in the pool for the Friday evening 'Creatures of Atlantis' event?

For our 2022 event the pool will be for the use of approved Merfolk & Sea Creature guests only *

Regrettably, the organisers have had to make this decision based on a Health & Safety review and feedback, the risk of $10k fine for soiling the pool, and due to being unable to monitor the alcohol consumption by guests who may then wish to swim in the pool and risk drowning while intoxicated.

​If you wish to attend as a mermaid / mermen / sea creature Please email Rozanne to register your intention.

It is a requirement that you have already practiced swimming with the tail / in your costume and are a confident swimmer. 

We do require you to also abstain from the consumption of alcohol for the entire evening prior to entering the pool to swim.   

"Any persons entering the pool with a costume, make-up, body paints or accessories which disintegrate, loses parts i.e. glitter, gems, which colour runs or otherwise while in the pool, resulting in the need for the hotel to empty and/or deep clean the pool, may be liable for a cleaning fee of up to $10,000 * " 
* the cost of emptying, cleaning and refilling it

Can I bring my child with me?

This event is R18 

Sorry no children or teens under 18 years of age will be admitted to the event areas (including main foyer on the Saturday evening)

ID will be checked or requested if age is questionable.

Where can I find photos from the 2021 event?

The 2021 Event Photos can be found on our Facebook page CNZWildAdventures

A selection of event images can also be found on on our website here

Can I bring weapons?

This is a Masquerade Ball weekend
         - not a medieval reenactment festival

We managed to avoid the need to make a policy or statement regarding this last year, however it has been asked a few times in the past months about what our policy is around Weapons.

This is a Masquerade Ball weekend - and while we understand that some costumes may incorporate a 'weapon' per say to create their overall effect - and we don't wish to prevent this (we've built of fair share of cosplays which included bows & arrows, daggers etc), we also have to be conscious of the safety of others and be responsible hosts & guests.

Essentially we ask you to use your common sense - there are some things you simply CAN'T bring.. real weapons or 'sold as replica' weapons which can cause genuine harm to others.

We expect all of our guests to use good judgment with regards to the need for weapons at part of their costume and their own personal responsibility and the safety of others around you - and the response of the general public & police - to your prop weapons of choice.

Prop weapons 'can' be okay - so long as you don't swing them around and can't hurt others with them.

So if your prop weapons are bladed - we will ask that they are peace bonded

to you (fixed in a way they can't be drawn or used)


We also don't wish to have any prop weapons which are still fire any kind of projectiles.  If it does, you need to find a way to decommission that.


If you have bows & arrows... the bow string mustn't be under tension - you should be able to at least put your fingers either side of the string and twist it a full 180o around them.  


If you want to have a staff - which may have some sort of blade at the top - make sure that the blade isn't made of metal and that edges are blunted / rounded.


It really is just 'please use common sense'   And if common sense can't be used - the sadly it would mean that rules would need to be tightened further. 

What does 'Peace Bonded' mean?

 *Peace bonded = securing / cable tying weapons to sheath / clothing etc., in such a way that it is not able to or can not be drawn.


  • Have your prop weapons checked by our registration staff 

  • If you have not already - they will secure your prop to your person.  

  • Inability to secure a prop weapon may result in the need for our staff to take and hold the prop until the end of the evening.

  • Our event staff will be checking props remain peace bonded throughout the event.

  • Failure to peace bond or the removal of ties may result in your weapon being confiscated or you be asked to leave the event. 

Weapons & Props Policy

Below is our expectation of our guests regarding weapons and props.


If its a ...
  • real or ‘sold as replica’ firearm of any description (pistol, rifle, shotguns etc)

  • real or ‘sold as replica’ metal bladed knives, swords, daggers, switchblades etc

  • tasers, explosives, gun caps, flame throwers, axes, ninja stars, num-chuks, knuckle dusters



  • go bang bang ... or fire any type of projectile   (foam bullets, caps, water, silly-string, ping-pong balls, potato, whatever ...)


The prop guns must be made non-functional / decommissioned for the event

And do not bring ammo or projectiles

These types of prop guns must be peace bonded*

  • potential to stab, slice, dice or puncture someone...


Bladed prop weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. 

These types of bladed weapons must be peace bonded*

General Rules re Prop Weapons

Use common sense!

  • Any weapon used in an offensive manner may be confiscated and/or you may be asked to leave the event.

  • Do not wear or carry prop weapons outside of the event venue i.e. walking into or around town. 

  • General public and NZ Police will treat anything that looks like a real weapon as a weapon - and you will be personally & solely responsible for such repercussions.

  • Ensure your prop weapons are concealed within a bag or container when transporting your prop weapons to and from the event/s, including the hotel carparks, paths and roads around the hotel, or public areas

  • If your props or costume is large, spiky or hang out beyond your body, make sure they will not injury others.
    Take care when moving around at the event not to poke out eyes, scratch others, catch on others costumes etc.    
    Be aware of your space and those around you

Traffic Lights, Mandates & Vaccine Passports (as at 14 April 2022)

As at 11.59pm April 4th, vaccine passports are no longer required for hospitality & events

We have checked with our venues (Millennium Hotel - Rotorua & Sudima Hotel) and both have dropped their vaccine passport requirement in line with the government decisions and regulations.

As at 11.59pm April 13th our government has reduced the traffic light setting to "Orange" which means our event can now proceed this year.

The Government has said they will continue to review the traffic light system as and if necessary.  Hopefully we will not see a return to "red" or vaccine passports, and the event will continue to go ahead as planned.

If I catch covid before the event and am unable to attend can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no.

By that stage we have already paid for everything based on Your Anticipated Attendance, and these include non-refundable payments to contractors, hire companies, caterers, venues etc.   

So just as if you were attending a concert and couldn't go because you missed your flight, got sick or any other reason you failed to attend, the ticketing company would not be able to refund you at this late point either, unfortunately neither can we.

Covid - Face masks - yes or no?  

(As at 14 April 2022)


As our event is a closed / private and ticketed event there is no requirement for face masks.

However if you feel safer or more comfortable including one in your costume design you are welcome to do so.

Feeling sick before the event?

PLEASE - do not attend this event if you are suffering any kind of flu or cold symptoms.

We know it will be a big disappointment to you if you do come down with a flu, and sadly yes the tickets at that point are non-refundable, but it would be appreciated that you consider others and do not spread any flu or cold symptoms with any of our other guests by attending while unwell.

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