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Carl Robinson

CGR Photography

Hi everyone, I'm Carl from CGR Photography NZ.
Many of you will have seen me around at cosplay events across the country, but for those who don't know me, I'm a photographer based in Palmerston North and have been shooting cosplays for about 4 years.

Whether it is something you bought off AliExpress or something you painstakingly hand stitched, the enthusiasm you have for the character shows through. I love seeing the care and effort you all put into your costumes.


My goal is to give you photos that remind you of the fantastic night you've had and make you say “Wow, I look amazing!”


FRIDAY NIGHT - Photo-wall photographer
Album available here - watermarked

TEA PARTIES - Photographer
Album available here - watermarked

SATURDAY NIGHT - Photo-wall photographer
Album available here - watermarked

Unwatermarked images available for $25 from Carl

Dale Hobson

Dale has always had a fascination with what lies underneath the water, 
In 1984 when old enough to complete a dive course and with that the opportunities to explore the underwater realm without the limitations of returning to the surface his adventures increased 10 fold, and has been on on a journey of discovery ever since. 


Picking up an underwater camera and sharing that passion has seen Dale refining his skills and  equipment, constantly testing out new ideas.
Whether it be alone on deep reef or collaborating with others who have a passion for the work he does.


Dale loves the reaction when people view footage of a wreck dive or the composed beauty of an underwater model and transporting the viewer to that place is what drives his work.

Elizabeth Coppard

A Gifted View

Hi Everyone, I'm Liz, A local photographer from Rotorua that loves to support community and creative arts events. 
I have loved photography and other forms of creative expression for years.
I really got into the arts at high school and since then have had children who have enjoyed making costumes for. 
This will be my first time taking photos at a cosplay adult event.
I am excited to branch into a new type of photography!

(can you please put this link near my logo i have set up a link to my webpage for cosplayers to see the photos)

FRIDAY NIGHT - Floor photography
Album link here - watermarked

Unwatermarked images available for $15 from Elizabeth
FRIDAY NIGHT - Underwater Videographer & Floor video
SATURDAY NIGHT - Floor videography

Hans Hockey


Hans has taken photographs since high school 50 years ago!

However, more recently he has pursued photography more seriously, but still primarily for enjoyment.


While proficient and equipped for all forms of photography, he has realised that people photography is his favourite form of the art – street, portrait, and event photography. And loves it when all three are combined in the one image.


For non-candid portraiture he has both a home studio and a portable one. He is so looking forward to creating both memories and art in Rotorua.


Marcel Baaijens

FRIDAY NIGHT - Floor photography
SATURDAY NIGHT - Floor photography 
FRIDAY NIGHT - Floor photography
SATURDAY NIGHT - Floor photography 

Photographer / Media Passes

If you are a photographer and/or media who would like to attend this event with the interest in photographing it or covering this event, please contact us
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