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Hawker / Scammer ticket alert

Please do not buy "unwanted" tickets from people who may comment on the Facebook event page that they have 'unwanted tickets " for the event.

I (Rozanne) have checked these peoples names against the tickets list and NONE appear to have purchased tickets to the event so I don't believe they are in possession of any. The official tickets are available via our website or via arrangement directly with CNZ Wild Adventures / Rozanne de Wild.

Any concerns, message me CONTACT DETAILS DUE TO COVID Due to COVID I do need to know the full names and contact details for all attendees - and these MUST MATCH against your ID at registration on the weekend.

If you have passed your ticket onto someone else, please contact me so I can update these details in the ticketing system. AUSTRALIAN GUESTS If you are in Australia and have purchased tickets and no longer able to attend, please message me with your booking number/details so I can refund you.

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