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Mammoth task of moving house

2020 took a lot of twists and turns for all of us.

And I'm fairly sure none of us saw COVID coming or could have foreseen it's affects on our lives.

For Paul and I we discovered during lockdown that our rental property was being systematically being trashed as our tenant had lost control of the property and 'others' had moved in. Due to the covid lockdown rules we were powerless to do anything about it. We made an emergency application to the courts to evict the tenant and their friends, but the courts didn't address it until after we moved to level 2 and thankfully they and their friends (not on the tenancy agreement) moved out.

The result of this was, that where Paul and I through we would be spending leisurely time working on our many projects, including the props and theming for the ball, now in 2021, we now found ourselves in the middle of a massive clean up, complete repaint, repairing walls, ceilings, replacing all the carpets, curtains and most of the light & wall fittings at our property to name just a few.

We started this process in June, working day and night yet still were not able to get new tenants in (our son and two flat mates) until mid September, such as the damage.

In the middle of all this we also made the decision to finally move into our own home, which we'd had rented for 8 years while we lived at my parents dual living home and had helped my mum look after my father (before he passed away) and then because we got along with mum and it worked.

So in August we found ourselves moving into our home, and on the completion of our trashed rental repair, somehow we feel down the rabbit hole AGAIN - and ended up doing a lot of long dreamed and planned for renovations for our own house.

So with all our overseas planned holidays now cancelled, we just sunk that into freshening up the house to make it into our own home.

Today we've finally got around to moving the ever growing collection of ball props & theming from our old house into the lock up / storage. We decided to set up the Labyrinth 13 hour clock at our house for now.

Really looking forward to the ball in July 2021 and seeing you all there.

Tickets still available, why not get your friends and family to join you?

Costumiers Fantasy Masquerade Ball

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