"the Sarah who stayed"

In 2017 my husband & I discovered the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles, while on our way to a convention in Atlanta.

We were enchanted by its magical charms and in 2018 we had the privilege to be able to return again.

This time I had spent months making my own "Labyrinth" themed gown, which I called "the Sarah who stayed"

We've been trying to make our way back to LOJ again since, but the stars, dates & events just didn't align for us.

This ball the Costumiers Fantasy Masquerade Ball - NOW JULY 2021 hopes to bring some of that magic to you here in New Zealand.

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The Costumier's Fantasy Masquerade Ball is being organised by Rozanne & Paul de Wild of CNZ Wild Adventures / deWildCosplay

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